Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey hey hey

I'm feeling a bit better today. I went and worked out for a good forty minutes and then got Subway with my mom and brother and yeah , it's been good. My computer's in my dad's shop and has been since Friday because my video card went bad so he had to order a new one , I've been sneaking on the living room one when I get the chance :P

I really , really want to hang out with people ! I hope Arrie gets her license Thursday so we can haaaang and I want to hang out with Nitty as soon as possible.

I think I'm doing better , but I just don't know.

I feel like writing letters. I think you all should give me your address so I can write you a letter and we can go back and forth :D


<3 love you.


Allie wag said...

39125 Griffin Landing
Lady Lake, FL 32159
yeh. we're moving again soon, in August, but till then letters sound intriguing to this address :D
No one could take me today, but i'm definitely going tomorrow to get my license ! for certain. hopefully i pass, oh gosh. yes, i will. i want Olive Garden !
and yeh we'll go get Austin and have an overflow of joyous times soon soon !
i love you

Allie wag said...

oh my gosh i'm so excited.