Saturday, June 20, 2009

Harper's Island

Raise your hand if you watch Harper's Island !

Oh my goodness , I love that show so much it's unbelievable. It's SO hard to figure out and all full of blood and murder and mystery and BAM !

Harper Spam:

So in case you don't watch it, it's about this girl named Abby Mills who used to live on Harper's Island. When she was like 18 or something, a man named John Wakefield murdered 7 people on the the island, one being her mother. He strung them up in a tree that the people now call the Tree of Woe. Abby's father was so upset that he sent her away. Seven years later, she comes back for her best friend Henry's wedding to the girl of his dreams, Trish Wellington. The wedding was supposed to be a big party that lasted a week and then the wedding was to be on the last day or so. However, guests start disappearing and they soon find out it's murders and there's this whooooole plot and one or two or three people die each episode and you have to find out who it is :D !

It's really an edge-of-your-seat kind of thing and it's SO hard to figure out what is happening.

Okay , let's chat <3


Allie wag said...

BLAAAhHHRrrr i'm watching that !
ahah @ the guys face in photo 4
it looks intriguing <3

GraceEstelle said...

Wow that looks really good! xD
What channel?

NittyWood said...

Ima come over, and we are going to watch it!

allywood said...

Grace - It's on CBS Saturdays :)

Nitty - okay :D