Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jeronimo !

I can't believe I actually started playing WoW :P nuts. So lately I've been outtawhackawhack ! Like , with sleep. I'm up until the sun comes up or a little later , I fall asleep , I either wake up at like 8 or 9 , or 4pm XP I don't mind it too much , but mama doesn't appreciate it , lawl.

My brother is like 10 times worse though ! He'll stay up until 7 , sleep until 5 , stay up until 6 , sleep until 4 , and believe me , he is IMPOSSIBLE to wake up.

:) so Nittywood was supposed to come over today but he didn't :( I reallllly want to hang out with people. I wish I had a car. Or a license. Or a permit xD

I'll work on that.

Charlie Sheen makes me lol.

You know what I love ? 7:20am voicemails <3 srsly , the mega shiz.

Ah man , I'm tired XP

Nothing else is really going on right now , just day after day of getting up late , being lazy , playing videogames , and that's about it :) but yes , let's make plans for something.



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