Friday, June 5, 2009

Hold your breath and count to ten

I'm really glad I finally got to hang out with friends today :) even though it was a complete pain in the butt to get Austin -.- srsly man , why live in Tavares ?

Treva and Arrie and I went to Orlando just to go to Oakley and pick up Treva's like , $500 key or something :P As much as I hate the actual Orlando part , I loooove the car rides. The scenery there is really pretty once you're on that long stretch of road. It's my favorite place to take videos on my phone while blasting music on the radio. Ha , we especially had a fun time clapping like crazy and dancing like mad while people stared at us from their cars on every side XP

I want to go to Austin's house tomorrow , maybe the boyfriend will take me ? :P

My anxiety is out.of.control. I had to get something that holds the equivalent of Valium, which the hospital gave me before my MRIs and after my surgeries and stuff. At their doses , I'm sooooo calm. On Valium , it's like you still are aware of any possible fear , but it like doesn't allow you to feel it , if that makes any sense.

But I dunno , hard to explain.

I'm excited to go see The Dear Hunter next Wednesday :D yaaaaaaaa baby.

Let's talk <3

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love, Grace. said...

Ally. :)
I love you.
I hope you feel better, I hope you feel better soon.
You can definitely always talk to me. <3