Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've got to find my life

I feel like I should be so incredibly sorry. For everything , for nothing , I'm not even sure. And I find I'm repeating myself with that , so many I-don't-knows. I suppose I'm just in transition , I feel like I'm changing , I feel like everything is shifting. It just feels weird. I want to grab onto so many things and fix things and just make it all work.

I feel like I need to stretch , I'm so tense , I'm so frustrated , I almost feel like I just need that breakdown to start fresh again. Like I need to just explode , cry , scream , everything , and then relax and figure things out.

I feel like I'm doing a really bad job at being myself. Everything is strange and I hate it.

It's like halfway through June and I've done barely anything. I want(ed) an amazing summer , can we please make it happen ?

And I'm infinitely sorry. For everything.

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Sherihay said...

Let's hang out soon. Forget all your worries.

And the word verification is "alyrant." I thought it was pretty funny.