Saturday, November 22, 2008

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I saw Twilight tonight at 7:30, Regal 16 Theater, and I can say that I was thoroughly disappointed. Now, I understand that a movie is never as good as the book, but in my honest opinion, this movie didn't even come close. If I was Stephenie Meyer, I'd want to cry.

She makes all her work very in-depth and colorful and I found the film choppy, empty, and pale. The characters seemed like they were just THERE and very blank to me, the emotion they were meant to be portraying just wasn't there.

One thing I hated about this movie was that it was humorous. I didn't find the book funny? I was expecting a serious, heartfelt, and passionate film, not a laugh fest.

In the book, Edward is described as being this perfect, way-beyond-Earth kind of character and in the movie he was skittish, obviously nervous, and not the strong person I imagined.

I think Kristen Stewart was too hard and freaking BLAND to be Bella. Her voice was too deep and she was just awkward in a weird, tired kind of way, not a cute, loving way like the book describes.

I also found that I didn't like the way the movie was put into order. I wish they would have followed the book better. I thought all the 'animal killings' were from New Moon, I don't remember any from Twilight. Though I may be wrong in that... I felt the ending went too fast from the point of the baseball game. One second she's in the hotel, the next she's getting thrown around. I think they should have emphasized the stress of waiting for any idea of what was happening while Bella, Jasper, and Alice were in the hotel.

I don't think they properly showed the intensity of Edward and Bella's relationship. It was more like he was a stalker and she was just too annoying to let go of him, which is not how the book is, at ALL.

Oh and Edward's sparkling? wtf.

Positives: I did like Jasper's character a lot, Alice was portrayed wonderfully, the weather was good, Emmett, the makeup of the Cullens, Renee, and a few others things.

Other notes!:

Colin's coming over tomorrow <3

I'm excited for Monday :D

Thanksgiving Break should give me a chance to relax (:

This cold weather makes me want to dance around and smile all the time :P

Oh and I pretty much agree with this:
"The movie we have been anticipating all year has finally come out! Sadly... it felt rushed and left the viewer sort of unfulfilled. The actors were... Dull, boring, and monotonous. Stewert, while being in some good movies, just does not get the emotions out. Robert did an excellent job of Edward, but the movie, like the book, focused WAY too much on him. Most of the movie focuses on the two main characters, while this is expected, the others are sort of "not as involved". Some of the characters were very dull and you learn so little about anything. Had I not read the book first, I would have been VERY confused with this movie. In some areas, the characters have awkward moments(in fact too many) that left me seeing this movie as a corny and bad impression of some of Twilight's more dramatic moments. All in all, this movie was one of the biggest letdowns, that will only draw in profit from the inflated hype blimp created by the fans. If your a die hard fan, you will be disappointed, otherwise I recommend reading the book, before seeing the movie, otherwise you just won't get half of what is going on."
- IMDB review

Goodnight and God bless <3

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