Sunday, November 16, 2008

Best Weekend Ever :)

On Friday, Sheri, Colin, Nitty, Hooly, Carolina, and I went to Fresh Market and annoyed the customers whilst talking to Hosef. We bought garlic and herb bread and left for SUBWAY FRIDAY! We havent gathered there in about 3 weeks so our people were like "AHHHHH YOU'RE BACK!!!" It was great (: We def entertained the customers there, lawl lawl. Then Nitty and Holly were like "We were grounded!" and the manager said she'd write us a note xD so she put:

To the parents of Ally, Sheri, Austin, Julian, and Colin.

This is the manager of Subway and I would like to ask if any groundings occur in your children, please don't make them groundings from Subway! I very much enjoy these teenagers and seeing them every Friday is important to me. Any questions, call this number.


It was something along those lines but it was awesome and we were like HAI THANKS! After Subway, we called our parents and stuff and went to HOOLY and CAROLINA'S house to stay the night :D

Amazing. Things we did:
Ball Smacking
Wii Sports
Cookie Dough Eating
Too Much Laughing
Cockroach Hunting
Blockbuster at like 9 or 10
El Orfanato
A good bit of SCREAMING
Running from Hooly's farts
Sitting backwards in the car
Playing with Piralou
You Would
Huddling Together - basically cause of TOMAS
Looking at old yearbooks
Sheri, Nitty, and Hooly slept in Hooly's bed
Colin and I slept in the guest room

Baked the remaining dough
Ate the cookies
Made miis
Played wii
Lazed around
Nitty and Sheri left
Colin showered
Don't Mess with the Zohan - stupid
Colin and I left to get changed
Met Hooly and Carolina and their madre at Denny's
Went to Florida Mall
Crepe Market, omyum
Met some of their family
Went back home

:D And I have to say that I love Colin Shaw very, very much <3333

I left my charger in his car, my extra battery in Hooly's madre's car, and my school stuff in Carolina's trunk.



Anywhore, best weekend ever, I love them all, definitely my best friends.



Anonymous said...

i need to get more sleep because i got to much of it!!!!

Anonymous said...

is that how you spell your name?


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