Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 2: Apricot

The essence of ripe and juicy apricots is blended with the highest quality China Black Keemun tea. Enjoy this tea brewed traditionally or pour over ice for a wonderfully refreshing treat.

Morning: Sleeping on the couch kinda of sucked but only because Brandon was so freaking loud on XBOX Live and kept waking me up. It's so much cooler out in the living room than in my room. I guess that's because of the two fans and all. Plus, my bedroom door is always shut. I'm better today. A lot better. I let Zena inside, which I'm not supposed to do, but Brandon's the only one home and he's 11 and sleeping. What can he do? :) Right now my lovely cat is lying on the dining room table, probably getting her calico fur alllll over it. I heart Zena :D

Afternoon: I was really happy when Nitty suggested I hang out with Sheri and him today. This was fun :) Nitty picked me up and we went to Applebee's. That was definitely interesting with Braelyn and Trace and Taylor there too xD I LOL'd so hard to Braelyn sometimes. "Those old people aren't Negroes. Why aren't they Negroes?" Ahaa. Quesadillas are good with A1 sauce too. After Applebee's, we went to Best Buy and saw Larry there. Then we went to see Austin's new house, yay! I like his old one better :P We made amazing miis though, lmao. I have the best video evar on my camera now. Then Sheri's mama picked Sheri and me up and took us to see Dustin. Greaaaaat 15 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Dustin wouldn't even get naked for us. Come onnnn. :P Then I went to Sheri's and got my Christmas gifts [eeeeeh :D] Then she went to Pauly's to meet her frand and my daddy took me home.

Night: I don't really feel like going to bed for awhile. I'm content fixing up my Myspace and searching for graphics. I got some new music today, it's keeping me happy. I'm glad I had a better day today. Although, I really do feel awkward and lonely without you. It's strange, I can't explain it. I can't wait for you to get back. I love you.

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