Thursday, December 4, 2008

You shouldn't play with fire, Allyson

Well, I'm finally losing weight. That really makes me happy. It's not like I was heavy or anything, but the stress of summer and the beginning of school made me eat. I hate that habit: eating when stressed or bored. Curves three times a week is really helping and I'm getting a bit more self confidence. I want to have a toned stomach and lose a bit of flab in my thighs/arms. Soon :)

I really miss church, I need to go back. Not just want to, but need to. I'm constantly talking to God, all throughout my day. It keeps me calm and collected.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have the time to get caught up on some school work. I still really don't care about school, but I suppose it's a must...

I really want to hang out with friends more. I always have Colin :) But I want to have fun with friends,like the time Shar, Nitty, Colin and I stayed at Hooly's :D Or the paint war, or just a bunch of us going to the movies or something. 8th and 9th grade was full of that, it seems we don't do anything anymore. Maybe that will change when we can all drive? I don't know, let's just make plans!

I kind of want to change up my image. I need new clothes, I want my hair dyed more, and I need to get new makeup. I wish I could decorate my room differently, but I don't know when we're moving so...

God Bless <3

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