Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 4: Ginger Peach

The light flavor of this famous oriental spice enhances the smooth, rich taste of fresh southern peaches and combines with a blend of China Black teas to create a most appealing tea.

Morning: My Aunt and grandpa left so late that I didn't actually lie down until around 2am. Then I didn't fall asleep until around 4:30, I think. Either way, Brandon woke me up with a "GET UP FOR PRESENTS, AH-LEEEEE!" xD I think it was 9:30. It was a great morning though. My Aunt and Grandpa came over, we all had a ton of gifts that we loved. Breakfast was yummy too <3 every major holiday, Mom makes Cinnamon Rolls ! They are the absolute shiz. Oh and we got a ps3 and a wii. I knew about the ps3, but no one knew about the wii, my Dad decided to surprise Mom with it ;D

Afternoon: Christmas is pretty much good, I just really miss Colin. We ate dinner here as a family, and then we're going over to the neighbor's house for a mini Christmas party. I'm kinda bleh about it because it's always all boring and adult-ish. However, our new neighbors are supposed to be going and they have two kids, 16 and 6 year old boys. So maybe that can keep Brandon and I busy.

Night: Stupid neighbor's kids never showed up. So it really was a boring, adult party. I love my Aunt xD she's never met anyone over there before. So she walks in with her Tequila Rose, pours everyone shots, sits down at a table full of people, and starts chatting away, aha. I played the Wii a little bit since the neighbor's own one. It was funny watching all of the adults attempting to play :P My mom and I got really bored though after about an hour and walked home. I was really happy that Colin called me for the first time since he's beeng gone. Although he said he would call EVERY night. Oh well. I'm going to sleep in my room tonight. I love you.

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