Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just dance, Kipper.

I had a pretty freaking good weekend, to be honest :) Subway Friday wasn't as good because Shinedown wouldn't go with us and neither Ambyr nor Mandi was working :( but that's okay. Sheri had to fight with the guy there to give her just bread, aha xD

Friday night was decent too at the square. I met some cool people :)

Saturday my mom and I spent 70 dollars at Bath and Body Works :p but they were having AMAZING sales, oh my lawd. I also went to church, which was really good, then saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Colin :D Long ass movie, but pretty good. "Did I ever tell you I've been struck by lightning 7 times?"

Then today, Mommy and I spent almost $350 at Kohl's! But that was okay, because we both needed new stuff really bad. I got lots of good shtuff.

Also, I'm pretty sure I gained a best friend this weekend <3 and I love it.

TOMORROW is half day and I'm not too worried about midterms. I'm starting to like my life again.

God Bless <3

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