Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm so afraid, I can't hold on this time

Thats why I write, to let you know
Just what goes on

'Cause this is me, and everything I've dreamed
And you know that I can't just settle for anything

Just once more can we pretend that everything is okay
And that we are all happy

Breathe hope in me
I need you
I try so hard to make this work in my life
I still believe in you

Play that faster and maybe they will move to our sound
This is the way its supposed to be
Coming together, on the dance floor will
You light the scene

Sing along
This is your favorite song
And we'll play along
'Cause you're the reason I'm alive

Close your eyes
Sit back and relax, we'll be okay
Time and time again,
I'll pray you're looking back
By the wake

So here we, we are, again (x4)

Close your eyes
Sit back and relax, we'll be okay
Time and time again,
I do hope you come back
By the wake

Close your eyes
Sit back and relax, we'll be okay
Time and time again,
I'll pray you're looking back
By the wake
By the wake
By the wake


A lot of these lyrics sum up my current feelings. Goodness, I love A Day to Remember so much. I love this weather. I love that school is almost over.

I hate the fact that we have another week left. I hate that I'm positive I didn't get at least a 75 on my AP World History final. I hate that I missed so much school. I hate that I have to go every single day aching and feeling empty for something that no one else can understand, and barely anyone actually cares. I hate that that sounded selfish in my head, because that's not how I meant for it to come out.

Okay, I'm done.

By the way. If you see me in school, attack me, and ask for my yearbook, because otherwise, I'll forget, okay? I just went comma happy, YAY.


LeT's TaLk GuIz


FaexLOVE said...

Ahah I already signed your yearbook!
I remember because I thought it was mine XD
I love you Allykins, I hope things start turning around
I know I always say that, but I just want you to be happy and feel better
I love you!


Kaylee. said...

I love youu <3
snd I'll always care :)

Kaylee. said...



Allie wag said...

i love you Arry ,
and let's hang out alot this summer, kay ? :D
have crazy fun. and go all those places, and reach out to people.
i'm excited

interminableBRAINspew said...

Cornelius Robinson wants YOU
to keep moving forward! *thumbs-up*

I will try to remember to attack you for your yearbook >:D
Even though I'm almost as bad as Joe when it comes to coming up with things to say.

Just wanna let you know: there are many people who love you, and care about you and how you feel. I'm sure all of us, myself included, are willing to listen if you need someone to talk to. c: By degrees, I've gotten to know you a little better this year, and I've realized you're always there for everybody--and we want to be there for you too.

One week! You can do it! xD
Much love,

P.S. ZOMG the CAPTCHA thing says "BOXYGEN". 8D

NittyWood said...

ally i love you <3
and i care.

love, Grace. said...

I love you, how could I not?
And I'll always care, and be there for you, I hope you know.
And when I see you, I'll definitely attack you. :P Probably sometime during lunch. (For yearbook.)