Friday, May 15, 2009

That just goes to show that some words are useless

I want to study psychology for the reason that I crave the understanding of human beings. Why we act the way we act, do the things we do. When one man meets the eyes of another, why would his eyes stray from his? How does one know when a friend is lying? Through the twitch of their palm, hold of their gaze, shape of their mouth? I want to be able to look at a person and KNOW. I want to read them, feel their emotions radiate against my own flesh. I want to grasp the thought process. I love hands. I love watching them as a person talks, drives, walks, writes. I mainly adore eyes. I love eye contact and that moment where you and the other person are locked subconsciously in a soul search, through which the simple-minded cannot understand. It's amazing when two people lock eyes as they speak through only their irises alone. One does not need words in such situations. It is best to let the blink of your eyes tell the story for you. Lips ache to tell only lies with the occasional truth here and there, whether people are willing to accept such a thing or not. It is much more relevant to forget the use of our tongues at all, but to only communicate through our glances, emotions, and movement. Our minds are too small and weak to even form true words of love anyway. So it's best, I believe, to let your soul speak through other means. We are amongst creatures that we cannot understand. We all speak different languages. So why not ignore that, if not just for one day? Ignore the idea that you believe you have the right words to say. You don't, we don't. Why do you think we stutter, stumble over our language so much? Words mean close to nothing these days, so I say lift up your hands, clench your teeth, and walk with your thoughts. It's much more beautiful to watch a flower bloom than to hear a car come to life. We're so far onto the concrete, so far off the dirt of which we belong. The least we could do is rest our poorly educated mouths for a day and let your beings do the talking. Even in heat, our hearts are cold with misunderstanding. Only the power given to our souls can push natural warmth through our very heart and veins. Then we will again breathe clean, fresh air that is not tainted by the hollow breath from the throat of those full of angry speeches.

I don't know. I love you <3


Allie wag said...

"It's much more beautiful to watch a flower bloom than to hear a car come to life." amazing
i love you Arry,

PaintMyHeart said...

You have a wonderful way with words Ally.

Sherihay said...

You speak in such a way that my heart can't help but feel light and my mind overwhelmed.
Everything you write is like a poem.
I agree with Melissa 100%.

NittyWood said...

Im not talking monday.

Kaylee. said...

I Love watching this show called Lie To Me. It's about this guy who solves crimes by studying facial expressions and body language. It's pretty cool :)


allywood said...

Arrie - :) I love you too <3
Melissa - Thank you <3
Sheri - Awe, thank you, baby <3
Nitty - Good idea :D <3
Kaylee - Ooh oh my gosh, I want to see it ! <3

Anonymous said...

You have an awesome boyfriend, yo!

allywood said...


interminableBRAINspew said...

We remember
we are dust
and unto dust we shall return.

Your eyes reflect your words, I think. They've got this intelligent and inquisitive look. They are searching, they are asking. They are curious, and want to know. o:

I've noticed there are all these people who tell us and guide us as we grow up.
And there are young people like you & friends who are learning with their own eyes, and figuring the world out on their own.

You are appreciated <3 c: