Thursday, April 9, 2009

Come on come on, tell me we'll be okay

I think I've finally accepted that I'm not like a lot of people. I have different dreams, thoughts, feelings towards things. As I shared to dearest Nitty the other day, I don't dream of getting a job, having good grades, getting into college, having expensive things, and getting money. I dream of being happy with simple things and exploring and creating. I want to draw all over the walls and not worry if it looks trashy. I want to pour paint all over the kitchen floor and slide through it for a day and not think about how messy it's going to be or how big the clean up will be, or even maybe how much it will cost to repair possible damages. I don't think about those things.

And I get criticized for that so much.

But you know, I'm told by some that I'll change my mind in a year or so. Maybe I will, but maybe I won't. Either way, I'm okay with it for now. People may not like it, but it's what God has in store for me at the moment and I think I can finally come to terms with that.


I took this on Sunday evening, on Sanibel Island:

Right now, I would do anything to be back there.



Kaylee. said...

It's so pretty ^.^


Allie wag said...

( = you're an awesome person arry <3
it looks super beautiful there.

allywood said...

Kaylee - Oh, it was beautiful :)

Arrie - Thank you <3333

FaexLOVE said...

That would be awesome. The only dream I have is to go to college for dance. I wish I couldn't get good grades but if I don't my parents will murder me :[

I've pretty much given up on school.

I don't think people should criticize you on your feelings/dreams that's dumb ]:<

BTW-that picture is gorgeous, I wanna go to Sanibel!

Hooly said...

I went there once, a while ago