Saturday, April 25, 2009

If I may add my input here...

I kind of think the whole ordeal is sad. I'm thoroughly disappointed. I thought all of us blogspot people had this little weird connection because we shared our deepest thoughts, frustrations, and hopes with each other, without so much as speaking one word to each other in school. It upsets me to see how quickly we all claw at each other's throats :/

I think it all should just be forgotten. I agree with Kristina in the way that with your blog, you shouldn't have to be afraid of what you say. It's WHERE you vent. We vent about our families, teachers, friends, and then give each other support and say we love each other. Then someone says something that we feel is directed towards US and not other people, so we get defensive and immediately start arguing and say really rude things.

I don't like it and I don't think that's very fair.

I almost feel like maybe I should be more careful with what I post now, for I surely don't want to cause so many people to get angry.

I'm not, at all, trying to start another episode over on my blog now. Please, don't get that idea. My whole purpose of this post is to try to get everyone to calm down, think rationally, forgive, and forget.

We all can say things out of frustration. I think as 'friends' we should accept that about each other. Even if you don't agree with it. I know every single one of you has at one point said something I didn't agree with. I never bashed you out. I only think of positive things to tell everyone.

Can we get over this? Please? I don't like it and frankly, it does make me sad :(


Anonymous said...


NittyWood said...

i hate friggen anonymous people.
have so guts to put your name down,

interminableBRAINspew said...

thank you, ally

Allie wag said...

agreed, i left a long coment on the blog austin posted about stuf but then i just deleted it cause im like, this is rediculous that people are acting so angry towards it , and absurd that it was made anything bigger, = P so many situations and things people say get so twisted or people just get so defensive about , nothing.
i agree with what you said <3

Kaylee. said...

I'm really sorry i said anything.
i came home angry about other things and i let my bubbling rage spew over everyone because of something so very insignificant.
That happens to often. I don't expect it to cahange anything, but i'm sorry.