Monday, April 6, 2009

We're moving forward, we're doing fine.

I might as well do this now :)

Remember your choice of Sim?

Her name is Lilly Devreux and here is some information about her:
- She is a family Sim.
- Her lifetime goal is to become head of the SCIA.
- She is evenly sloppy/neat.
- She is outgoing.
- She is more active than lazy, but it's almost even.
- She has a more serious personality.
- She's a bit grouchy.
- Her horoscope is Aries.
- Her body type is average.
- Food, culture, and entertainment are among things she loves.
- She dislikes politics, health, and weather.
- Her hobby is music and dance.
- In the opposite sex, light eye makeup and custom colored hair turn her on while heaviness turns her off.

Since I've been playing, she has gotten married to this man:

His name is Tripp Robin.
- Family Sim.
- Lifetime goal is to marry off 6 kids.
- Unemployed.
- Neat.
- Shy.
- Evenly lazy/active.
- Serious personality.
- More grouchy than nice.
- Virgo.
- Average body.
- Loves food, culture, and entertainment.
- Hates politics, crime, and work.
- Turned on by makeup and black hair and turned off by heaviness.

They got married <3

The live in a little 2bed, 2bath apartment in Belladonna Cove. Now I was originally going to take it slow so that updates wouldn't be hard, but I've been playing ALL DAY. So, I know it might seem like her life is going really fast, but it's just because I've been playing since I got back from Sanibel at noon.

So Lilly got pregnant :)

The baby boy's name is Aiden :D

So as of this exact moment, 12:19am, Lilly is a private eye and Tripp is a desk sergeant, Aiden is still a baby, and the three of them still live in the apartment. Lilly and Tripp are currently trying to get enough money to buy a home :)

So those are the Robins :D <3


DannyPhantom said...

aww! that is so cute and neat I wanna try. xD

love, Grace. said...

I loooooove the name Aiden.
And I like Tripp's hair. ;D

Hooly said...

Yay for SceneSims!

FaexLOVE said...

Gawd Lilly's so freaking gorgeous, I wish I could look like that :O

YAY one of her hobbies are dance ! :D

I love you Alllllllyson :3

Sir Briquek the Pimp said...

Do you have apartment life? I want to get it but I thin I should just pull through a few more months and get the sims 3. :/