Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're moving forward, we're moving forward

This picture makes me smile a lot. That was such a fun day <3 I like thinking back to that time. I love James, Austin, And Kristina ;D

I had a really, really crappy day. I was dead throughout most of it, I didn't sleep well last night. At all. I got home today and I took too long of a nap. My eyes burn. My head kind of hurts. I want to curl up into a ball and hide under the covers until Summer comes. Maybe.

mg904mg0932mg302mg3gem3-t5n3205nj203b5@#U@#(%j1v24j12094j21j412j. I don't really want to talk.

A Day to Remember calms me down incredibly. They put me to sleep last night and got me through the day <33

Why's this make me so nervouuuuss?

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FaexLOVE said...

I love you too :3
I hope you feel better tomorrow and thing start getting better for you