Monday, April 20, 2009

Purely Sims :D

Simmies Update :)

Last time, I told/showed you Lilly and her husband Tripp and their newborn baby Aiden.
Here's some pictures! (click to see them larger)

That's Aiden as a child.

Lilly became a witch :D It actually showed on the game, for her name, 'Lilly Robin the Atrociously Evil Witch' It was awesome.

She got pregnant again and had a baby girl named Emory. I was working at my church on Sunday, in the 5 year olds class, and there was this ADORABLE little girl with that name :)

Emory is my favorite of the two children. She was such a cute toddler, too, don't you think !

As a child :)

Aiden turned into a teenager like 3 days after Emory was born :)
He's all right, but I don't like him AS much xD

This is his girlfriend:

Her name is Raelyn Shea :D

Oh and they moved out of their way-too-expensive apartment and into this house right before Lilly had Emory:

I love it, it's amazing, even if I had to use a SMALL money cheat to get it ;D

Random Pictures:

Tripp in the new kitchen. It has the BEST lighting ever in there, like Carrabba's :)

I eventually got tired of Lilly being green (since she was evil) so I made her study the 'ways of light' and she went from Lilly Robin the Atrociously Evil Witch to Evil Witch to Mean Witch to just plain Lilly Robin the Witch now :)

Lilly and Tripp are going to be Elders in like 3 days :( I'm so sad.

Aiden swinging Emory around :)

That's it for nowwww :D Sorta long, sorry.
Oh and Tripp is almost to the top of his career and Lilly is not far behind <3

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interminableBRAINspew said...

What a lovely family :D

allywood said...

Why thank you :D

love, Grace. said...

Aw, look, sibling love!

allywood said...


Sir Briquek the Pimp said...

Awwe, Emory is adorable. XD

allywood said...

Isn't she !
I loooove her.

FaexLOVE said...

Fuck Aiden's hott.
Emory is SO CUTE as a toddler. I hope my baby looks like that !

allywood said...

Thanks :) I looooved her as a toddler.

ellie said...

I really loved your sims story. Great you got so many good pics of them.