Thursday, October 2, 2008

I wish that I

was looking into your eyes. I can't get through a day without having some sort of breakdown anymore. You're infecting my thoughts and I can't differentiate them from good or bad. I want to hold you, kiss you, and hear you talk. Words can't express the amount of pain I feel, knowing I'm not feeling your presence right now. I find myself wanting to tiptoe into your room, just to check up on you, see if you're sleeping okay. If not, I'd hold you until you could keep your perfect eyes shut for the night. I want to clean up after any mess you make and sing your tears away. I want to see you smile, at me, and feel on top of the world, knowing I caused it. I'd give up absolutely anything to have just a day to not leave your side, do everything with you, and do anything you want to do...but even I know a day wouldn't be enough. I want months, years, a lifetime. I talk, even though you're so far away that my words won't reach you. I cry, even though you aren't there to make me feel better. Most of all, I hurt, knowing I won't get the chance to do any of these things. Even so, you make my heart beat and you keep my lungs breathing even when I don't want to. One day, I will hold you, and until then, you will always be in my mind.

I love you and I miss you.

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FaexLOVE said...

This is really fucking sweet :]