Tuesday, October 28, 2008


are always just as lame as Mondays. I got barely any sleep last night, didn't do any homework, and it took my mom everything she had just to get me out of bed. Yesterday was that bad. I went anyway, but it was awkward and I was in some weird mood. I finally called her to come and get me and she got there around one. From there, she took me to Steak n Shake and told me that she called the school this morning and yelled at them.

The thing is, I know it was required that I was questioned. But they kept me there for 2 and a half hours and pressed way too deep into my private life. They asked me questions they had no right to ask me, that had nothing to do with the issue, then criticized me on the choices I've made this past year. Not only did they attack me, but they constantly attacked my mother too, saying things like, "Well if I was your mother..." or "That wasn't smart of your mother..." and "I sure wouldn't allow that in MY house."

So I told my mom this, because God, that offended me. So she called today and talked to one of the ladies and complained for like a good 20 minutes. The lady she called though, I was okay with. It was the other one >:/ So my mom's going to call HER tomorrow. The one she talked to today apologized and said she knew the other lady was pushing where she wasn't welcome, but she didn't want to interrupt.

So basically, I should have only been in that office for at most 30 minutes, but no, 150 minutes sounded better. By the end, I'm pretty sure I cried enough to make up for the past month.

ANYWAYANYWAY; I don't want to go back tomorrow either. I feel like they know everything now and I hate that feeling. But at the same time I learned that I just can't trust anyone right now, I guess.

I'm sorry if you're mad at me.

Hopefully Wednesdays aren't as lame as Tuesdays and Mondays xD should be better since Colin is picking me up like always <3 Bah.

I wish it was Subway Friday or something, I want the weekend back.


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