Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm still fly !

I guess my mood has been at least a little better. I started doing this little yoga routine every morning and night and I've noticed it definitely makes me more cheerful. School is still really lame though. I have a C in science, but that should be easy to bring up. The nine weeks ends like next Friday though so I suppose I should hurry and do that. I'm not sure what grades I have in my other classes though. I need to turn in somethings for English, I know that much. I'm miserable in spanish though xD ugh, I don't understand what we're doing right now and we have a test tomorrow that I'm SO not ready for, especially since I missed 4 days last week. Guess I'll be cramming all night. Also, AP World History is kicking my butt because I do the work, but I just don't understand it xD history has never been my thing and I really don't like it. I can sit and listen, but it really just goes in one ear and out the other unfortunately. I try though :/ AND, this morning, I had to get dental work done and it sucked, I hate having a numb mouth. Luckily, it was really superficial stuff so nothing to complain about other than then the novacaine.

On the plus side, I can't wait for Subway Friday. Definitely amazing. I've been trying to eat a lot better too, to get in better shape and have more energy. I'm going to get back into Curves, since I haven't been there since before my surgery on June 10 xD Whoop! i love you all <3

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