Monday, October 27, 2008


Yeah, today sucked "donkey kong balls" in the words of Razzle. Waking up seemed like a mistake. Was late, got a detention since it was my 4th one. Fucking hell, if I'm going to get a detention, I'd at least want it to be for something hardcore.

"What are you in detention for?"
"I was late for school 4 about you?"

Yeah, see. Like, a really hardcore, messy paint fight, right, Shurr? ;D late for 4 days in all of the school year so far. No srsly, i hate that school so much D:

So in Business I realize I left my AP World History notes at home, which took me up until 2am to do! *insert rude word*

Then the rest of the day was shot to hell. Like, I can't even explain it. Got out of geometry and science though, ftw? I suppose.

Didn't really eat lunch, except for fries.

I don't think I did too great on my spanish II test either. Cultura always, always gets me. And the question words like cual and cuantos and crap.

Then Brandon decided to be sick so when Mom picked me up, I had to sit in the car while we drove to Leesburg for the doctor to tell him he has a pretty bad cold. Thanks, doc. I can't stand to listen to the kid talk, holy shit xD I hate that mucusy breathing, right MICHAEL?!

Anywhore; I learned today that I just can't trust people. I'll just keep things to myself now thanks.

I secretly hope Brandon like sneezes all over my pillow so I catch his grossness. School tomorrow? Not sounding so great.

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Anonymous said...

i hate when i forget my homework, but luckily i do it all in class! :p

Jooly Con Queso said...

Yea, today didn't seem so hot for you.



Anonymous said...

what Jooly said =[
*huggles huggles*
ill always be here for you,
u can trust me, for surez
i swear!