Sunday, February 22, 2009

And if I could be someone like you

Today was Colin's birthday and I'd say it went pretty well. I was feeling incredibly crappy this morning but I got better once he got here. My mom also made him this really delicious cake :D and steak for dinner was nommyyyy.

I was planning on posting my obsession story that I had to do for English, but I'm not done with it yet and I want to perfect it before I let everyone see it :)

I'm kind of ticked off. Yesterday, I guess I pulled the usb out of my iPod while it was syncing and didn't realize it. I noticed it was frozen, so I reset it, and EVERYTHING is now gone :( I really, really hate when that happens. I'm trying to save up for an iPod Touch, but it's going to take me until like July or August. Ah, man.

I also need to get my hair dyed again xD it's faded so badly. Mama thinks I should pay for it this time though, and seeing as I get twenty-five dollars every Friday, it might take me some time, since I have a hard time saving xD plus that will cut into iPod money.


Ever have it where like something happens and you convince yourself of an outcome or a reason for that happening? And like, you really tell yourself it's the one thing, but then you want to share that opinion with someone else. Only, you subconsciously know that they're going to make you feel stupid or second guess what you're thinking, so you don't want to share with them. You think you'll just get disappointed or annoyed once they share what they think. I get that with my mom a lot. I finally shared the HAPPENING with her today, though, to see what her thoughts were, and found out I was exactly right. She was so sure of her response too, that I wish I never would have asked her.

Although, I sometimes thinks my mom tells me one thing because she doesn't want to share her honest opinion. Then later down the road she says, "I thought that too, but I didn't want to scare you." or something along those lines. I really hate that.

I also hate not knowing things. I wish life wasn't so full of maybes sometimes. I wish we could just get a straight answer on certain things. Though, I guess that would defeat some of our purpose of waiting and learning.

Oh well.

Thought of the Day:
I think I want things a little too much.


DannyPhantom said...

i wish everything in life had one solid answer and that every choice you make didn't affect the so many other choices down the line. but it will never be so. thanks for caring ally. <2+1

allywood said...

:) <3

Kaylee. said...

Yumm, cake ;D

My mom likes to tell me exactly what she thinks, but she's so biased that I don't appreciate her input. :/

allywood said...

Ah, mine does that sometimes too :(
I hate it.

love, Grace. said...

Is the title from a song? Because I'm listening to safetysuit...

I wish I could know things too. But things wouldn't be as interesting if we did.


Hooly said...

that happened to my ipod once
i was

NittyWood said...