Monday, February 9, 2009

I belong in a horror movie

I am hallucinating.

I remember a story my dad told me once. He was my age and he was watching TV with his sister or something when he glanced out the window and saw, hanging down from the roof, a witch's hand. Just like one straight out of The Wizard of Oz. He looked away and looked back to see that it was still there. He didn't panic though, because he knew it wasn't real. He went and told his mom and she looked out the window and didn't see anything and they knew he was having a hallucination.

I am hallucinating.

I've been home since around 9:30ish and my mind has been playing tricks on me the entire time. It got so bad, I backed myself into a corner of a room and stared wide-eyed, observing every corner of the house that I could get my eyes on.

To me, that beats any other fear. You know, if you're sitting in your house and someone breaks in, that's scary. But if you're sitting in your house and every time you turn your head, you swear you see the outline of a figure, or you hear faint noises, and you KNOW they aren't there? That's scarier. The mind is terrifying, it's conniving. It's amazing.

I think I want to study psychology.

I have to pee.

I feel fat because I've been eating a lot since I got home :(


Every 'noise' makes me jump.

Thought of the Day:
You don't even care, do you?


Sherihay said...

I agree 100%. That feeling is absolutely nervewracking.

I hope you feel better, though, sunshine. <3

NittyWood said...

you not fat!