Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I don't breathe the way I used to

I had to get checked out in third period today because I was way too tired xD I didn't even ask my mom to pick me up though, I just texted her saying I was exhausted and the next thing I know, I'm getting called down to the office.

I had bad luck with food today xD I tried pre-heating the oven to make some fries and started smelling burnt plastic. So I open the oven and find that Mommy dearest was hiding the leftovers of Colin's birthday cake in the oven. So it's EVERYWHERE and there's a mini fire that keeps sparking around the melted icing and I'm freaking out and calling my mom and trying to pour water on it and xD it sucked. So then Mama comes home, cleans up and stuff, then puts the fries in the toaster oven for me. I forget about them. I walk into the kitchen about an hour later and it's FULL of smoke, fries are black as night and I'm just like xD man, wtf, I'm apparently destined to not eat these fries.

It was weird. I finally got some made safely, though :)

I've been listening to nevershoutnever and eatmewhileimhot the entire time that I've been home. They make me so happy <33

My mom said if I can show some real effort in school and pick grades up, I can get a job :) one of her friends at work has his own business with his wife and said he could get me hired there :D so I'm going to try really hard. It would only be a few hours because I'm only 15, but it's still something.

Today was relatively good though :)


I need to finish a lot of homework, though. I love you guys. Oh, by the way, publishing comments still isn't working for me for some reason :( but I would be commenting everyone if I could. I'm still reading though :D so just know.

<33 !!


DannyPhantom said...

thanks for always being there. <2+1
I expect a hug tomorrow. [:

allywood said...

You will definitely get one :D <3

Manaray said...

And that, my friend, is why the good lord invented mcdonalds french fries.

allywood said...

Aha :D

Kaylee. said...

Ahh, I left a cake in the oven for like 4 hours before. D: It was still yummy though :P

love, Grace. said...

i wish my mom would do that.

DannyPhantom said...

jeez. i'll have to pay attention tomorrow. i'll be sure to see you at one time or another. xD <2+1