Thursday, February 26, 2009

You're not worth the shame

You're annoying me :O you're really, honest to God, annoying me, and I don't want to talk to you. When you try to hug me, I cringe away, and you always try to get to close when you talk to me. I need you to back up. Yes, we're friends, but you for some reason I just don't want anything to do with you right now. I want you to just go away right now. You're irritating me, augh.

My mom got under my skin all day today. She didn't even do anything wrong, really, she's just always on her freaking phone. Most people get off work and are done for the night. Not my mom, no, she's still getting calls at 10pm. We went to Fresh Market after school and I swear, every single time I would turn around to say, "Hey, Mom, look at this-" she would be holding up her hand, pulling out her phone, and hurrying out the door so she could talk outside. Every time we're in the car, we like to listen to music at an unreasonably loud level, that's how my mother and I are. We scream obnoxiously to the music. But we're ALWAYS interrupted by that stupid BEEP BEEP of that freaking Nextel phone. Immediately, her hand reaches out to turn off the radio and I'm stuck there listening to her ramble on and on and on with someone from work. She sits there and makes hand motions to say that the person won't shut up, but she doesn't even try to stop the conversation, she goes on and on and freaking on.

I hate it.

Even at home, she gets out of the shower at night and BEEP BEEP. Gotta talk more. You'd think she'd at least put the phone on private so we all didn't have to hear the BEEP BEEP or squeaky chatter of the people on the other line of the walkie talkie connection.


I guess I just got irritated from that.

I'm really glad that tomorrow is Friday, this week went by slow for me.

Oh my God. I can't even concentrate on creating this blog post because I'm so irritated by you (from beginning of post). I want to pull my hair out and throw things across the room. Yes, I am that annoyed. Please, go away.


Well, I love you guys. Let's talk, hm?


Sherihay said...

I feel the same way towards a lot of people. You're not alone on that.

I'm sorry about your mom, I can easily see how that would get annoying.

Te amo mucho, mucho.

Manaray said...

Sometimes I wish that cellphones had never been invented.
But then I get a picture message of a raccoon or something, and it makes me take it back.
Backhand that ho till she turns her phone on vibrate!

Kaylee. said...

I feel like that twords my mom all the time. It's so annoying-.-

allywood said...

SharClar Jean - Te amo tambien

Mary - I agree, lawl :D

Kaylee - Yeah, it sucks :/

NittyWood said...

yeha my mom is the same way.
right when i get in the car on our way home from school, all she does is talk on the phone. its so aggervating!

who is the first part about? :/

DannyPhantom said...

my dad does that, bleh.
it does suck.
hope you had fun with the rest of your night tonight.
did you finally get to eat? xP