Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I took a nap :D !

I haven't taken a nap after school in awhile. It always recharges me and helps me to concentrate on school better. I was reading this book today in Spanish and the chapter I was on was called 'Too Drunk to Fuck' and it was written all big-like at the top of the page and I was scared Sra. Hubbard was going to walk by xD

Haaa, I'm actually in a really good mood right now, for no reason, really. I NEED TO GET MY PERMIT, DAWOPGMROGMEWOG. I'm so behind on that :p

I asked my mom last night if I could get a monroe and she said, after thought, "I'll think about it." and for my mother, that's about a 75% yes, and she's an awesome mom :p so I'M REALLY HOPING, YEW GUIZ.


Lala. I don't have much to say today except that I currently miss two people.

I think some confessions are due:

- I'm actually starting to feel bad for disliking you so much.
- Strawberry Ice Cream.
- I get irritated easily when talking to you now for some reason
- I see you as abusive and it annoys me
- I love hanging out with you, even if it's only in school
- I never would have imagined we would have turned out so alike, but I love it because I feel we can relate in ways.
- For some reason, I trusted you immediately.
- You're neutral to me.
- I'm not going to comment on you this time because I don't know what to say anymore. I thought we were making progress but I feel like I just annoy you so I'm backing off. Talk to me when you're ready to.
- You're so pretty :D
- I wish I saw you more often.


Talk to me, guys.


love, Grace. said...

thank yous!!!
i love your posts too. :)
and i think one of those was me. :P maybe?

anyways... yeah.

allywood said...

Yeah, you're in there ^_^

Sherihay said...

Are those confessions all for different people?

I believe uh, we need to add S&V chips to that ice cream. (;

allywood said...

Yes, each one is a seperate person

<33 !

Hooly said...

salt and vinegar chips suck.

Jamesaphobic said...

James <- hopes he's one of the better ones (:

he's also very glad that you're friends wif him!

allywood said...


Kaylee. said...

I love sunset at my house^.^
am i in there by any chance? 6.^

yumm, ice cream<3
i just had some :D


allywood said...

Yesh you are in there

Kaylee. said...

that made my day


allywood said...

:D awe !