Thursday, February 5, 2009

I miss the rush of your skin

I think I just had a realization and it hit me hard, real hard. I've been feeling things (I don't know for how long) that have confused me and made me question my sanity. Now, I think I finally understand and I hate it. I hate this theory of mine, although I'm pretty sure it's correct.

I feel sick with myself tonight. Tomorrow, I need to work harder to do what I want and in the meantime, I have no idea. I have the ability to piss a lot of people off right now. Either piss them off or let them down. I don't know. I still haven't done any homework yet.


I want to watch Fight Club.

And I miss you :(

1 comment:

NittyWood said...

i just watched it with my mom
and she told me that was the most disturbing movie she had ever seen :P

i love you
feel better