Sunday, March 1, 2009

I said I'd never let you go and I never did

I said I'd never let you fall and I always meant it
If you didn't have this chance then I never did
You'll always find me right there, again

This weekend was pretty good,I guess. I went to the Center Stage Talent Show on Friday which was fun with Arrie, Colin, Hooly, and Marshall. After that, Colin, Hooly, and I went to Barnes and Noble and ate some food and looked at weird books and I saw Daniel at the square and that made me happy <3333

Today, we're celebrating my dad's birthday and going to Carrabbas pretty soon :D I'm excited because it's my favorite restaurant EVAR. And my aunt is here and she rawks hard.

I don't really have much to say today though because I feel like my mind isn't working properly. I really, really hate that :P

I tried working on my AP World History project today but I didn't get very far. 1/15 parts complete, aha, oh well. There's still plenty of time left.

I love you guizzz <3

And this makes me lawl:


NittyWood said...


DannyPhantom said...

woot for food at barnes and nobles. xP
speaking of foods, dinner smells yummeh. have fun at carrabas!

Kaylee. said...

aww, it's smiling :P

Jamesaphobic said...

I'm happy you're happy! :D