Thursday, March 12, 2009

So cling to what you know, and never let go

So my mom had me take a 'mental health day' because I had a bad night yesterday. I basically threw a giant fit and had this little panic attack and stuff. But seriously, it's mainly about school. I am soooo over it, so sick of it.

Business is pretty much a no-brainer. I can deal just fine in that class with an A.

AP World History doesn't even make it in one ear and out the other, I'm pretty sure none of it makes it in at all. I could do these notes every single week, color all these maps, and write all these essays and not tell you a damn thing that I learned. I can't remember any of it. Pretty sure I'm currently failing that class, with like 10 missing assignments.

English. Okay, seriously, we do nothing.

Geometry is too easy because I'm not even supposed to be in there. I wish this stupid school wasn't so stupid and I was able to take Algebra II like I was supposed to.

Science. Again, I'm not supposed to be in the class I'm in. I was in Bio Honors last year and then I get put into Integrated this year simply because they didn't know where else to put me and the Vice Principal said I couldn't take Chem unless I was taking Algebra II. Even though I know people who are taking Chem and Geometry together. At least I have a good grade in there, though. I just fall asleep a lot and have no one to talk to.

Art is lovely.

Spanish II annoys me and I want to kill it because I don't want to take spanish at all. I think I have a D or F in there because I never get work in on time. Oh well.

I'm really glad that tomorrow is Friday. I did nothing all day except go through this random Tumblr account that I found because the chick has cool stuff. I want to do something fun this weekend, let's make some plans?

Talk to me <3

BTDub, check out that site ^


love, Grace. said...

You find awesome pictures.

allywood said...

I always try to take time before I publish the post to find a good one.


NittyWood said...

im sorry you feeling so down.
i love you.

allywood said...

I love you too !

FaexLOVE said...

Yeah, in history everything goes in one ear and out the other, I don't retain ANYTHING D<

I love youuu!
and I really love that cardboard thing :3


Kaylee. said...

that's why i don't take spanish.
feel better though :)