Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the times when we both get carried away

Remember my whole rant about how people disgust me? I swear, it's getting worse each day. Little by little, I'm noticing smaller things about humanity and it makes me want to rip my hair out. I'm getting headaches from it. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but I honestly do not care.

I haven't been feeling well lately and I'm not sure what my body is up to o.O it's doing weird things, lawl.

Nothing exciting has happened, really. Life is pretty much just getting through school right now. Oh, but we're doing this budget plan thing in business that really frustrates me. We have to pick out a career, home (with possible roomate), and car, and then like create this budget thing to see if we can afford the type of lifestyle we want. I'm so anti-thinking-about-this-stuff. I hate it. Just see, if you ever try to talk to me about money or future financing, I'll immediately block it out. I'll change the conversation like that *SnAAaaaAApP*

The actual project is a little fun though (minus the actual calculations and such). My career is a Clinical Psychologist and I make $37,500 a year. Allie Wagner is my roomate and she has the same career as me. We're renting a house ($3,000 per month xD ! ) in Clearwater and we share a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. We're baaaarely getting by xD

And it's really hard to do this project with freaking Michael sitting beside me looking at Aston Martins and 5 bedroom houses xD since his roomate is Grace (pediatrician) and he's a brain surgeon xD

I asked Mrs. Kelly if we could just live under a bridge but she said no :(


Well, tell me about your day, loves :D

Chain me free, lose the key, right now.

OH ! And I'm going to start doing 2 random facts per post :p

- I love listening to older music (like old school Simple Plan)
- My fingertips are currently raw from biting my nails/skin too much.

(is it okay to say i still miss these days?)


love, Grace. said...

aww cute pictures. <3

Sir Briquek the Pimp said...

Lmao, I love your facial expression in the nose-picking picture. XD

allywood said...

Haha, thanks :p

Jamesaphobic said...

Random Answer: I chew my fingers wayy too much. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop D:

allywood said...

I know !
My fingertips are sooo raw and all rough.

Hooly said...

I chew mine all day too D:

FaexLOVE said...

It's okay to miss those days because I miss them so much :/
We need to hang out soon and then you can steal them pictures !

Dude the whole nail biting thing I've been doing that so bad lately D:<

Anyways loveee you Kae <33333

xBeautifulDreamerX said...

blech. i chew my nails alot too