Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm desperate to know how you are

I hope you're deep asleep.

Today was okay. It was decent. FCAT seemed hard to me and that made me panic because this stuff is supposed to come easily to me. I'm not supposed to skip 3 or 4 problems to go back to at the end. I'm supposed to be able to think about it for a little, then get an answer. I felt like I was guessing on so much and when everyone around me said they thought it was easy, I began to feel like an epic pile of crap.

It was wicked hot all day too xD but I couldn't take off my hoodie because I was wearing a Transformers shirt (:P) instead of a school one. Stupid teachers for wanting to take their stupid classes outside in the stupid Florida March weather. Even during the FCAT, though, I could feel my skin getting all itchy and clammy from sweat, my sleeves pulled up as high as they would go. I kept looking around (inconspicuously) and everyone else seemed to be fine. Nao, I'm in the living room and have every fan in the house on high :)

So I was skimming through a book today that I just got from the library. I'm going to return it because it's weird, but the style of writing made me want to write, so I think I'm going to do that right after this: just write until I can't any longer <3

Let's talk,

Random Facts:
- I am in love with Publix brand peach tea. I take it to school in coffee cups. So in the mornings, I'm never drinking coffee, it's secretly just peach tea from Publix ;D
- I am an insanely, irrationally jealous person.


Hooly said...

publix peach tea is so good, it's like King Good.

allywood said...

I know :D

NittyWood said...

dont worry i thougth the Fcat math was way hard too

FaexLOVE said...

Lol not only do you take peach tea in a coffee cup but you take diet coke in a coffee cup as well XD

143! :D

allywood said...

Yeah I know xD

Jamesaphobic said...

DUDE, that Transformers shirt you had during the paint war?

allywood said...

Yeah :D