Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Darling you know I'll love you till the end of time

Is it incredibly crazy to say that even though I'm surrounded by really great friends, I still feel so incredibly alone? I feel as if I'm so torn between things in my life. This vs. that, him vs. her, today vs. yesterday. It's like I can never get to a happy medium in my life, not even more a little bit.

One day, I'm satisfied with how things are going. Then the next, I want to scream and cry and rip my hair out. It's like I can't ever win.

I wish I wasn't so afraid to be honest with people about how I really feel.

I'm worried about something right now, and I'm praying really hard that things aren't how I suspect they are. If so, I will feel really let down. Hurt.

No, you know what. I'm not going to let this get worse. I'm going to fix it, because I probably made it happen in the first place. I won't let things get out of hand. It was a promise, as I was constantly reminded, and I have to keep my end of the promise. I'm going to fix things, as hard as I have to try.


love, Grace. said...

No, it isn't incredibly crazy to say that.
Or if it is, I'm crazy too.


Manaray said...

): *internets hug*

Jamesaphobic said...

Ally, you're a great person. Because you care enough to do something, even if it is or isn't your fault.
It's one of the things that makes me glad we're friends.

If you neeed to talk, you can always come to me.

Kaylee. said...

no, you're not crazy at all. i think a lot of people feel like that. i do.
andd i hope everything works out:)


allywood said...

Mary - *internet hug!* :)
James - Thank you, it really means a lot to me.
Grace and Kaylee - <33

DannyPhantom said...

aw jeez ive felt like that all week. i feel as if i have let everyone down somehow and like everyones disapointed in me and it just makes me feel so shitty. just remember im always here to talk even though we arent the closest of friends. yay for freaking great hugs. [: <2+1

allywood said...

Thank you, Daniel <33