Sunday, March 15, 2009

Well, I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more

just to be the man
who walked a thousand miles
to fall down at your door.

Stay positive.
Things are fine.
You are fine.
It's not as bad as you think.
You're really only one small speck in the scheme of things.
Shake yourself awake and get real.
This is life and you can't change it.

I constantly have to tell myself this.

Random Facts:
- I feel annoying for posting more than one blog a day. Things should be more like tumblr.
- I have such high expectations for my future but I never work hard for them.

Oh, now I'm going to have a rant:

I'm really fucking sick of my mother constantly nagging on me when she walks into my room. She wears that stupid ass little sad grin and says in the stupidest voice, "When are we going to turn this around?" referring to the mess my room is. It's my room, you don't have to sleep in it, so leave me alone. Srsly. It's not like there's fucking spoiled food all over the floor. And there is plenty of floor to see. I just have some clothes by my dresser and a few bottles of Diet Coke and water and energy drinks, sooooo what?

Oh and what I hate the most is, "How much homework do you have?"
"How much homework is done?"
"Are you working on homework?"
"Is your homework going to take you much longer?"
"How long will it take you?"
"I can't wait up all night for you to finish your homework."

YOUDON'THAVETOWAITUP. I have a decent amount. None is done yet. No, I'm not working on it. Yes it will take me a bit longer since I have yet to start. I don't give a fuck how long it takes. And GO TO BED.

Is it apparent that I am super anti-school?
And clean rooms?

You know,
I guess I'm just lazy. I'm lazy. I hate the things in my life but I'm too fucking lazy to change them. That's just how it is. I get enough grief about it from my own boyfriend, so, dear Mom, please -- and I mean this with all the love and affection I can muster -- shutthefuckup.


This is the only thing to make my evening better:


love, Grace. said...

I post more than two per day often as well, its okay.

And I know how you feel.
Except with my mom, it's the room, and "You don't ever help me around the house." "I need help in the year." "God Grace, you never do anything but it in front of the computer, help me out a little!"
And my brother, her little angel never does anything but sit in his room and play video games.
And if I do have homework, and I tell my mom that I can't help her because I need to finish it, she yells at me that I make too many excuses and tells me homework isn't important, I can do it later.

Excuse the mini-rant.


Hooly said...

it's called being a teenager, no one likes school.
but i know what you mean, i'm sorry D:
my dad does the same shit.