Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wash that mouth out, ditch those morals

I'm having a day in which I would like to destroy everything I see. I want to throw chairs at the mirrors, shove the televisions out the window, and rip up every scrap of paper. I want to throw plates at the walls and knock over china cabinets. I want to kick and punch at all of the doors until they break down.

Then I want to lie amongst it all.

Today was weird. It was awkward and frustrating and everything felt all wrong. Colin and I went and saw Watchmen at 2pm (and it feels strange going to a movie theater that early) and it sucked xD in my opinion, at least. I hated it. There was too much nudity/sex and the whole thing was just confusing. Oh well.

But I've been on edge all day. I'm tired and sad and just irritated in general. So, I really don't have much to say other than that.

Saturday was good though because my parents, grandpa, Colin, and I went to see Blue Man Group. It was hilarious; so interactive, so much fun :D

My grandpa was even pulled up on stage at one point xD xD


Random Facts:
- I daydream too much.
- Like Grace, I mostly use lyrics as my blog titles. I didn't always used to, but they always are now.

Leave some thoughts.


Jamesaphobic said...

I usually use song lyrics as my titles too :D

love, Grace. said...

We use song lyrics cause we're cool kids. ;D


Kaylee. said...

I agree ;P