Thursday, March 26, 2009

Until the day I die, I'll spill my heart for you

Finally going back to school tomorrow :P I've been out the entire week with bronchitis, it's pretty much lame. I swear, one of the worst feelings in the world is not being able to breathe through a throat full of mucus xD

Anyway o.O

I've been playing Pokemon Platinum all week and I have to say that it seriously owns. It's actually quite different from Diamond and Pearl, more so than I expected, so that's good. I wasn't one of the people worried that it was going to be a deja vu of Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire, but I know a lot of people were saying that. So, ha :P

Other than that, my week has been boring. Except on Wednesday, Lucy drove over here (in a car 8,000 times too big for her :P) and we hung out for a bit, so it was really cool :) we caught up on a lot of stuff and just had fun. And we swear, the air around us like farted AXE. It was amazing. Although I did feel like the lamest kid alive for not being at the ADTR, TDWP, SEA, Emarosa concert :(

I can't even imagine the make up work I'm going to have D:

Oh, and am I the only one who gets pissed off when their parents schedule a teacher/guidance meeting without telling/asking you?!


My dad, today, was like:
"How are your grades?"
"Okay, I guess."
"Really? Cause I talked to your guidance counselor..."
"Yeah. She says you're not doing too well in history."
"So I made a meeting with her, it's tomorrow."
"Yeah. You're going to miss lunch though, so I'll bring you Subway."
"Good" *smiles* "I'll be back later." *leaves*

And, I HATE not doing things on Fridays, and so I always get upset when Colin dearest has to work on those days. He's not working tomorrow. He's going to Busch Gardens >:| so I'm home with the family. Ay yi yi. I haven't seem him since last Saturday :O

I really have no central point to this blog, I just feel guilty for like abandoning BlogSpot for awhile xD save my short post yesterday. Bad night xD

I just sneezed, bless me.

I'm strange, goodnight ;D


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FaexLOVE said...

Yay-dress down day tomorrow 3 dolla!

You would be lame and play Pokemon all week XD. I'm so jealous, I want platinum :[[[

Yay for me coming overrr! Dude. That axe air was weird o.o. "I BLEW MY SEED" XD. PLUS you weren't the only lame kid who didn't go to the concert XD

I would say we could do something friday but I have dance "//