Monday, March 30, 2009

Can you see through the eyes of a dreamer

Does your mind, know the world how it is.
When you sleep, do you dream in numbers.
Write it down, make a plan, check your list.

Goot is amazing.

When I reach my goals I don't want to be stuck on.
thinking about success and what's supposed to be next.

I think like that ^ so often. Wow <3

Today was okay, just a Monday. I have a ton of make up work though :(

I created three new Sims to start a family with. You guys get to choose who you'd rather learn/see more about. Here are your choices:

Ella 2

Lilly 2

Aspen 2

They all live in the same neighborhood, so no matter who you pick, the other two will show up in some pictures :P

Thoughts !


FaexLOVE said...

I think I like Lilly the best :D

love, Grace. said...

Grace likes Lilly and is curious to know what she is doing on the computer. :)

Hooly said...

Lilly looks like Chelsi, I choose her!

allywood said...

Grace: Lilly is setting herself for plastic surgery on her nose because it annoys Ally :)

NittyWood said...