Monday, March 23, 2009

But somewhere we went wrong, we were once so strong

Surprise, surprise, I'm sick. Seriously, my immune system SUCKS. All of my surgeries last year left me with practically nothing left to prevent sickness xD

So I missed school today and am sad because now I can't go to the A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Emarosa, and Sky Eats Airplane concert on Wednesday :(

But oh well. Ugh, I can't breathe out muh nooozzze.

:O I'm watching a show where this toddler boy can't stop self-harming himself because of this syndrome he has. Like, he bit his bottom lip off and started trying to bite his tongue off, so his parents had to get all of his teeth removed. Then he started banging his head off of his highchair and floor. Isn't that sad :( Once they discovered what he had, they gave him meds, and he's apparently better now, but he has a ton of scar tissue around his mouth.

Anyway, that was random. I've been watching a lot of the Discovery Health channel since I've been sick xD I'm so paranoid, I shouldn't watch these shows, aha.

I haven't been feeling too... bloggy lately. I know that probably sounds retarded or something xD but like, I haven't been wanting to put the effort into Blogspot. Tumblr either. It's like, blehh. Maybe I'm slightly anti-social. Meh.

I love <33


Allie wag said...

aw man . sad face = (
feel mucho better arry!!
and that show you were watching sounds horribly sad, it sounds like an episode of mystery diagnosis, maybe it was. i love those shows .
and i'm hopefully going to get us sum cherry bawlz frum chels tomoro night woot

allywood said...

It def was Mystery Diagnosis ;D

And YAY for cherry bawlz !


Kaylee. said...

I watch those shows all the time xD
Dr. G is the best ;P


FaexLOVE said...

It's okay; we'll be the cool kids driving around lake county while all the lame kids go see ADTR XD


NittyWood said...

ahah lol