Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here we go;

Weekend = interesting. Mostly good though. On Friday, I went to the fall fest and hung out with Nitty, Allie, Hannah, Colin, those people :) It was boring though. Taco Bell is nom nom worthy! On Saturday, Colin came over and we pretty much chilled. I went searching for spray wax and ended up with epic failure. Then today, I went to Sally's and got some 18" hair extensions in BLACK :D and got some spray wax from Wal(star)Mart. It was pretty lame today though, I was in a wicked weird mood and I'm having weird head/visual things. I got home and TRIED to nap but Colin was too awake :p

I'm still trying to deal with figuring my life out. I went to church Saturday night for the first time in over a year. I loved it. I missed it. It made me feel so fresh. It was Church @ The Springs, in Ocala. They're SO down to Earth and you can easily relate. They sing up-to-date songs and just make you feel like you're all a big family. I vowed to myself to go every Saturday.

I need to start taking pictures for Mr. Archer at school. He needs one for the cover of the Daily Sun and asked me to do it. I need to give it to him in time to edit it by October 4th xD I'm glad he asked me though, I think I'm going to join the Journalism Academy next year :D

I want to apologize ahead of time if I become mean to some of you, like I said, my emotions are on a roller coaster right now. I miss a certain part of me, a part I can't share with everyone. I miss it oh so much and it's hard right now for some reason. Since I've been off the Prozac, my emotions are easier to get out. I cry more easily and anger is let out quicker. So excuse me for that.

God bless <3

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