Sunday, September 14, 2008

My weekend

was definitely busy. After school on Friday, Hooly's sister took him, Nitty, and me to Target and places such as that. Colin met us at Target and took Nitty and me to my house to get changed for the square. We got there and went to Barnes and Noble, taking pictures and probably being annoying. We saw two of our teachers there xD so that was interesting. Oh and there was an accident or something in the square, there was an ambulance and stuff. We couldn't really see much though, but I hope they're okay. Eventually (:P) Hooly and his sister showed up and we all walked around some more, mainly to Barnes and Noble again to find a journal for Nitty and I. We bought this amazing one that came with a lock and two keys (perfect). Then, Hooly and I got cupcakes and Nitty spilled water :D It was all pretty exciting. After that, Colin came to my house and we got to spend some time together, which was really nice. I'm pretty sure I was 95% asleep when he left though :p

On Saturday, Colin came over, we got Panda Express, which was kinda good but kinda not, then we went to Larry's. The three of us went to Publix cause Matty was working, but we couldn't find him. We left for Ramshackles and got a text from Matty saying he was on break. So after Ramshackles, we went back and saw he was a cashier :) With Larry, Colin, and me, it was asking for trouble. We each went around and grabbed a banana, extra large and extra lubricated condoms, and whipped cream. We told Matty we'd see him at his house when he got off work ;D

After that! We picked up Stephen and went to Larry's brother's house. There was definitely a lot of people there so it was akward, although the dogs were wonderful :) Next, we went back to Larry's for a little (I think, I don't really remeber what we did in this time). Eventually, we ended up at Kyle's and pretended to kidnap Dustin, although that didn't really work. This is where my night got weird. While standing there, I got overwhelmed with emotions that I hated. Severe sadness and others I couldn't identify. I could feel my throat constricting, but I couldn't understand why, I never was this emotional around people. Eventually it got to the point that I had to tell Colin that I needed out of there. Of course, that's the exact time that Kyle was taking his girlfriend out the door, so I had to hold it all in until we got to Larry's car. Once there, I just started crying, couldn't hold it in anymore. I was so confused though, it was just like the stress and confusion of the whole week came out in a sad, wet mess right then and there. Of course, I didn't want anyone to see me like that, so Colin tried opening Larry's car door for me and the alarm goes off.


We wait for Larry to turn the alarm off and unlock the door (thank God he stayed in the doorway and didn't come out to the car). We got in and that's where I unleashed more tears and sob stories. I didn't really want to stop the waterworks though, I could tell I needed to get everything out. I hated being there, I was uncomfortable. I don't like going places where I don't know people, I always feel akward just standing there by the wall, I HATE it. So I had Colin text Larry to see if we could go soon. Unfortunately, I couldn't dry my eyes by the time they got out there, so I had to curl up against Colin, keeping my back to the front seat. It was easy enough to pretend I was asleep though.

I listened as Larry drove us to the lot across from Matty's house and we parked there to wait for Matt to get there. Larry and Stephen jumped out when Matt drove up, but Colin stayed with me until I told him he could go. I took a moment to try to make myself decent before I went out to hug Matt. I still felt that shakey feeling in my lips and throat though, so I was thankful it was dark outside (this was around 10:30). I think Larry made a comment that I looked really tired, so at least I had that on my side, instead of them knowing it was really because I had cried my eyes out.

We went to Larry's while Matt changed at his house. Eventually we took some crazy pictures/videos and got in the pool/hot tub. THAT was definitely interesting, but I'm so used to it. By now, I was feeling better, thank the Lord. Honestly, I was quiet through most of this part though because I was talking to Him, I needed His help to keep me strong and on the right direction instead of heading down paths that I had easily taken before. After the pool, Bri and I baked a cake, a whole cake :) It was chocolate and we put chocolate chips, coconut, blue icing, and pink sprinkles on it. Oh and the icing was special ;D It was the normal chocolate icing, but we added peanut butter to it, so it was extra special.

Orange juice is good too, you know.

This was around 4:30 and I think around 5:30, Larry, Stephen, Colin, and I crashed in Larry's bed, but he left around 6 cause we pretty much pushed him off :)

All in all it was pretty fun except for the evening. But God helped me, I'm sure.

Today, I got homework done and now I'm relaxing. I'm exhausted and feel kind of sad. I'm thinking the reason I'm feeling so emotional is cause I stopped taking Prozac. Like, cold turkey. Dunno if you're supposed to do that or not, but I have been. Oh well.

This was long, so please comment x


Jooly Con Queso said...

awe aliwag!
i love you!
friday was exciting!

Kai said...

=[ awww Osy *huggles tightly*
im sorry that evening sucked =[
but you can make up for it
and ull be alright soon
i promise i promise I PROMISE!!!
and i dont break promises
cmon Ally, we will help take care of each other
and uk what i hate too?
always being a wallflower (got that from noelle today) at a party. it happens every freaking time.
ily Ally
itll all be okay soon

Bri said...

xD that cake was delicious

*can't get the cake out of mind*



I don't liek going to Kyle's house either it's terribly unfamiliar =/

lolz I still haven't finished mah hoomework