Thursday, September 4, 2008


was an extreme drag. It took forever and I wasn't feeling good at all. I wanted to stay home but Mom's like no :(

So I went. But I started feeling really sick in like the beginning of third period so I called her to come get me but! she had to go to marion county. So that sucked and I ended up having to stay the whole day and I almost fell asleep in geometry and maybe almost in integrated science which sucks cause it's alllll freshman in there and I think I have a coldddd.

That was a large RUN! ON! SENTENCE! Okay so, I'm really glad tomorrow is FRIDAY. I think I'm going to try to get Colin to pick me and Nitty up so we can hang out :D i loves nittypants. Speaking of which, gee, I wonder if he can fit into Allie's pants :p Well! We had to read poems outloud in third period (english) and I read Dreams by Edgar Allan Poe. I really like that poem. So then I went to fourth period (geometry) and was feeling very poetic. I wrote this;

Silence is a disgrace
Against the rhythm of our
But not - in vain - a shadow on
our faces.
I can steal the sun to seal
this fate.
If not by choice, our lips are
Then rage, I assume, will soon
For the notes that run off our
Are tangled with emotion and
Filling our hips and pulsating our
Oh yes, I do think we walk with a
In what - almost always - we have to
And our thoughts provoke
life-changing lines.
We walk in the darkness, if we
But our lips breathe sunshine
through lusty words
And I believe it is then that we are
Yep :) I really like it. I'm really hungry right now and craving Subway, but both my parents are at work. Someone bring me subway?! :D
loves x

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FaexLOVE said...

Ahhh I reallly loves your poem!
You and your poetic goodness "P
I hopes you feel better! D: