Sunday, September 7, 2008


I saw Cirque Du Soleil last night, La NOUBA! and it was phenomenal! Oh, it was so funny too, which I never expected. I went with my dad, brother, and Colin :D mom was supposed to go but she was really sick :( She needs to get better, seriously, I'm worried about her.

Speaking of worried, I'm also worried about my best friend, because I think she made a bad choice :(
It's not that I'm worried, really, it's just I'm concerned or something. I don't know, seeing as concerned and worried are cousins pretty much. I just kind of feel like *slaps forehead* I guess.

I seriously need to try to stick to a good eating plan. I tried this diet but it was way disgusting xD so I'm just trying to watch what I eat now. Like, no soda, more water and stuff like that. We bought a bowflex, we just need to set it up, so that will be really good, I'm excited for that.

I have to do homework and I don't want to, ugh. I'm honestly so sick of school, like I don't know, it's such a DRAG this year. I have no desire for it and it just feels like a big game, in my opinion. I'm getting that I Don't Care attitude that I acquired last year and I guess it should worry me, seeing as where that led me, but it doesn't. I guess I'm welcoming it.

That part worries me a wee little bit, somewhere deep inside my bones and muscles and guts.

I took a bunch of pictures the other day and went to upload them but realized Yoshi had chewed through the usb cord and it's now shot. So I guess I'll have to beg my dad to let me put the memory card in his camera and then upload. We'll see how that goes xD

How was everyone's weekend?

off x

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